Why You Really Need a Mobile Website Design?

Mobile Web Design

If you are looking to improve your already existing web page, factoring in how it would look to other mobile device users may be a factor to consider. Mobile devices include smart phones and all forms of tablets.

Constructing a worthy mobile web design

The dominant information website for developers, mobile usage still accounts for less than 2% of overall web traffic, however in North America and web savvy cities, such numbers tend to be higher. Check out the Google analytics and web traffic statistics to determine what percentage of users are there on a mobile device, when they land on your site. How are your mobile visitors behaving once they reach your website? Do you have a high bounce rate from mobile users? Are their page views dramatically less than those on laptop or desktop devices?

If your mobile device audience is turned off, by your existing website design and there are a large percentage of your website visitors, you might want to consider a mobile web design. That being said, you have 3 different options, with three different prices to address the needs of mobile devices users on the website.

3 options for mobile web design

Here are 3 different options of mobile website design:-

Mobile friendly website – this means the website is not offensive or broken to the mobile user. The website is scalable and displays the smaller version of itself on mobile devices such on android, iPhone and iPad etc.

Addition of a mobile plug-in

This is a cost effective option for word press website that is a plug-in that when configured properly can show a mobile specific version to your visitors. This is a quick way to get to where you want on a website. A mobile web designer plug-in can be installed in a medium sized word press website in roughly 10 hours. Thus the cost will vary depending on your mobile design provider’s rates.

Creation of mobile specific web-design

For businesses with a large stake in market of mobile users, an option for mobile web designs would be to create a whole new web design that is specifically suited to the needs of the mobile users. All other non-essential content and navigation is stripped down, thus providing only the required navigation and content for the mobile user.

The mobile web design user experience

Converting casual browsers to sales is like easier for the retail business, and mobile device user, as often the mobile device is en-route to purchase the product or service and needs to simply to identify what location is the closes and most appropriate for fulfilling the needs of the users.

If you consider visitor usage, the 3 different options and the UX – through which you can determine the best mobile web design solution for your unique business. Hire the best digital marketing and web design agency in Sydney for all your digital and online marketing needs.